It’s been said, “that the blood of martyrs is the seed for revival in the Church.” …and I believe that the blood of those 9 martyrs who were executed during their prayer time before God in SC could be the answer for turning America back to God. Yea, that’s deep.

They were of no threat, there was no criminal activity, there was no rebuttal, there was no running away and nothing could have been misconstrued or misguided or misperceived by any other human being, news or media group. All they were doing was worshipping and praying to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

All day today, I could not articulate into words why this tragedy was so different from all of the other tragic racial events that have occurred in our nation, in terms of how it moved my heart. There was a certain cry and mourning different then the aches that I felt in the other national racial tragedies, that I didn’t feel this time. I found myself repeatedly saying, “my heart has been broken today with the brokenhearted”. I didn’t have this sense, per say with the other tragic deaths (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray) etc. Not taking away from their deaths, because I did pray and interceded with real tears for healing and reconciliation.
But there is something about the righteous death of authentic believers. My grandmother and papa called these kind of folk, “saints”. The enemy can’t organize riots and provoke rage from a righteous holy saint of God.

I believe what happened in Charleston is similar to what happened in Selma, that God could use the deaths of 9 worthy souls to shake a nation and American people to its’ core to turn their hearts back to Him and maybe like the deaths of the 4 little black girls in Selma, pierce a nations conscious and heart with truth concerning racism and division within the church and within the soul of America, that we could see true reformation and transformation that leads to revival.

I do not believe the Lord is going to allow the deaths of these righteous souls to go forgotten in vain. AMERICA IS GOING TO LEARN HOW TO MOURN FOR THE SOULS OF THE RIGHTEOUS. I sadly believe martyrdom is coming and has come to our shores, the righteous and the unrighteous alike. But for the righteous, I believe as a friend of mine said, “God would rather us just fall on the rock and drive us to our knees than allow us to die in our sin”. Let us mourn now together with those who mourn.
Well that’s my exhale for tonight! ‪#‎prayingforCharleston‬